How to update your License Key.

  1. Log into your web control panel at and Disable tracking for the device if it is not already disabled.

  2. Open the GadgetTrak application settings panel on your computer. If you are on a Mac this will be in the 'System Preferences'. On Windows this will be in the 'Control Panel'.

  3. Then click the "Un-Register Device On Server" button

  4. Enter your GadgetTrak login credentials when prompted

  5. To ensure you have the latest version of the GadgetTrak software, download the newest version for Mac or Windows

  6. Uninstall the outdated software. In Windows running the Installer, will ask you if you'd like to Uninstall the previous version of GadgetTrak. On a Mac use the seperate Uninstaller included in the download.

  7. Install the new Gadgettrak software client.

  8. When prompted enter a description / name for your device and your new License Key (Serial Number) from your "Order Confirmation" email.

  9. Press the "Register The Device On Server" button

  10. Enter the email address and password associated with your GadgetTrak account when prompted.

  11. Reboot your computer

  12. You new License number should now be activated and you'll be able to see your device listed on your web control panel at